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Asian Leopard Cat

Asian Leopard Cat

The Asian Leopard cat is a wild cat that has been breed with domestic cats over the years to create what we know refer to as Bengal cats. Asian Leopard cats look like miniature leopards and compared to domestic cats Asian Leopard cats are going to have somewhat longer legs and a longer back. Asian Leopard cats also have large eyes, due to nocturnal habits, and a relatively small head, which helps give them their very wild look. Asian Leopard cats are generally very shy and solitary and are known to be accomplished swimmers and fishers.

The background color of the coat in Asian Leopard cat is highly variable depending on where in the world the Asian Leopard Cat originates. Coats vary from almost reddish brown to gray, golden, or tawny brown. Body markings can be solid spots or rosetted. The underbelly is spotted on a white background, and the tail is ringed toward the tip. There are usually four black bands running from inner eye or the forehead to the back of the neck, which break into elongated spots on the neck and shoulders.

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Asian Leopard Cats

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Bengal Kitten Advice

Healthy kittens have bright and shiny eyes, a glossy coat, and an alert demeanor. Ears should also be clean, nose cool and damp without any nasal discharge with pale pink mouth and gums.