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Bengal Kittens For Sale

Titan Bengal's has a wide variety of Bengal kittens for sale, all of which are TICA registered. We offer both pet and breed/show quality kittens that are in-home raised and very loving. We have placed our kittens coast-to-coast in the U.S. and in every province of Canada. If you are interested in purchasing a kitten, receiving an email when our next litter is born, securing one of our future kittens with a deposit, or have any questions please give us your name and fill out the contact form to the right or email us.

Please see our polices for more information on pricing and details on purchasing a kitten.

Current Bengal Kittens For Sale

Maggie and Storm Chaser had three stunning kittens on June 30th and we are thrilled all three will be joining other catteries to help improve silver Bengal genetics. Photos of these kittens are posted below.

We are also pleased to annouce that Lola had three beautiful kittens on August 2nd. Ice Walker is the proud papa. Photos of any available kittens will be posted around late August. If you would like to be contacted when we post photos, please email us and we'll add you to our contact list.

Maggie Silver Female
Maggie Silver Female

Silver Female #1
Joining Glacierbay Bengals Cattery in Alaska

Maggie Silver Male
Maggie Silver Male

Silver Male
Joining to Kronze Bengals Cattery in Boston

Maggie Silver Female
Maggie Silver Female

Silver Female #2
Joining Heartland Bengals Cattery in Iowa

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Photos of Previous Bengal Kitten Litters

Please follow the links below for pictures of previous litters.

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Bengal Kitten Advice

Kitten/cat kneading behavior is sign of contentment and affection. It is a throwback to kittenhood where a kitten would knead its mothers stomach in order to stimulate lactation.