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Bengal Kittens

Bengal Kittens For Sale

Titan Bengal's has a wide variety of Bengal kittens for sale, all of which are TICA registered. We offer both pet and breed/show quality kittens that are in-home raised and very loving. We have placed our kittens coast-to-coast in the U.S. and in every province of Canada.

If you are interested in purchasing a kitten, receiving an email when our next litter is born, securing one of our future kittens with a deposit, or have any questions please give us your name and fill out the contact form to the right or email us.

Please see our polices for more information on pricing and details on purchasing a kitten.

Current Bengal Kittens For Sale

We are excited to announce that Maze had three stunning kittens on September 19th and that Gypsy is expecting in late October. We hope to post photos of Maze's avaialbe kittens in early October.

If you are interested in putting down a deposit to secure your picking order, or being added to our contact list for when we post photos of available kittens, please email us and we'll gladly add you to our contact list.

Due to COVID and reduced airline capacity, we are fairly certain any of our fall kittens will need to be picked up in person versus flying them, as very few airlines are flying pets currently due to COVID. If you really need a kitten flown, let us know and we'll do the best we can to make it happen, but expect to pay at least $400 as flying animals is really expensive and hard to find an airline in the current environment.

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Photos of Previous Bengal Kitten Litters

Please follow the links below for pictures of previous litters.

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Bengal Kitten Advice

When your new kitten first arrives home, it is also advisable to use the same cat litter as your breeder while your kitten settles in. Later you can gradually change this to a brand of your choice.